Cabotine by Parfums Gres

For Women (1990)
Cabotine Photo

Cabotine by Parfums Gres for Women was first introduced in 1990. This fragrance begins with lively top notes of blackcurrant buds, pear, plum, and coriander, which lead into a floral explosion of tuberose, rose, ylang ylang, ginger lily, hyacinth, freesia, heliotrope, iris, and violet in the middle. The base features a complex finish with cedar, vanilla, tonka beans, musk, amber, and civet, making it a truly captivating and multifaceted perfume.

Occasions to Wear

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Spring, Casual, Romantic

Cabotine by Parfums Gres captures the essence of spring with its vibrant and floral scent profile, making it perfectly suited for casual and romantic wear during this blossoming season. The opening notes of blackcurrant buds, pear, and plum offer a fresh and fruity introduction, while the heart unfolds into a bouquet of tuberose, rose, and ylang-ylang, complemented by the intriguing spiciness of ginger lily and the delicate touch of heliotrope and iris. This rich floral medley is grounded by a warm base of cedar, vanilla, and musk, making Cabotine a beautifully balanced fragrance that invites closeness and warmth, ideal for intimate moments and everyday wear in the spring.

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Eau De Toilette

Product Size Price Merchant
EDT1.7 oz$15.25 ($12.96*)FragranceX
EDT3.4 oz$16.00LaBelle Perfumes
EDT1 oz$16.27 ($13.83*)FragranceX
EDT1.7 oz$16.99Perfumania
EDT1.7 oz$17.82 ($14.26*)
EDT1 oz$19.02 ($15.22*)
EDT3.4$19.99 ($13.99*)FragranceNet
EDT3.3 oz$20.34 ($17.29*)FragranceX
EDT Spray1 oz$21.99The Perfume Shop USA
EDT3.4 oz$22.95Perfumania
EDT3.3 oz$23.77 ($19.02*)
EDT Spray1.7 oz$23.99The Perfume Shop USA
EDT Spray3.3 oz$24.99The Perfume Shop USA
EDT Spray3.4 oz$29.99Fragrance Outlet

Eau De Parfum

Product Size Price Merchant
EDP1.68 oz$15.99Perfumania
EDP3.4 oz$16.00LaBelle Perfumes
EDP3.4 oz$19.99Perfumania
EDP1.7 oz$21.36 ($18.16*)FragranceX
EDP Spray1.7 oz$23.99The Perfume Shop USA
Parfum3.4$23.99 ($16.79*)FragranceNet
EDP3.3 oz$24.41 ($20.75*)FragranceX
EDP1.7 oz$24.96 ($19.97*)
EDP3.3 oz$28.52 ($22.82*)
EDP Spray1.68 oz$52.25Fragrance Outlet
EDP Spray3.4 oz$71.25Fragrance Outlet

Uncategorized Products

Product Size Price Merchant
Body Lotion6.7$20.99 ($14.69*)FragranceNet
EDT & Body Lotion 6.7 oz3.4$32.99 ($23.09*)FragranceNet
Gift Set3.4 oz$20.95Perfumania
Parfum *Tester3.4$21.99 ($15.39*)FragranceNet
Shower Gel6.7$17.99 ($12.59*)FragranceNet
Shower Gel (unboxed)6.7 oz$14.34 ($12.19*)FragranceX
Shower Gel (unboxed)6.7 oz$16.76 ($13.41*)
Shower Gel (unboxed)6.7 oz$20.99The Perfume Shop USA

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