About Us

Website Owner and Founder


I embarked on my digital journey while studying biochemistry at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. My curiosity in webpage creation evolved into a career in content creation and affiliate marketing, which lead me to the captivating world of perfumery, a field that coincided with my knowledge of chemistry. In the early 2000's I created FindaScent.com, which at the time was a perfume price comparison and content site and one of the only fragrance information sites at the time. Despite its early success, life got in the way and it faded away into obsurity. I decided to resurrect it in late 2023 as I still had all databases of fragrances, photos and several hundred user reviews and comments. This and with the help of AI (good or bad?) and a LOT of fact checking and cross referencing as AI seems to 'guess' a lot, it was finally re-launched in April 2024 after several months of working around the clock.

Writer & Fact Checker


Sarah, is a contributor to FindaScent as well as helping me fact check. Sarah has a passion for perfumery, and use to work in an upmarket NY cosmetic store. Now based in Austin where she is on her way to getting a degree in business management.