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Iris is a key ingredient in perfumery, and is well known for its sophisticated and earthy aroma. The use of Iris in fragrances dates back centuries with its roots in ancient perfumery. Traditionally valued for its elegant and complex scent profile, Iris adds a powdery, slightly woody and floral nuance to fragrances.

The most prized part of the Iris for perfumery is the rhizome, a type of root which is aged and then processed typically through steam distillation or solvent extraction to produce Iris butter or orris oil. These extracts are used in the perfume industry for their rich, violet like aroma and fixative properties (help to slow down the evaporation rates of the lighter, more volatile top notes).

Iris is mostly featured in floral and woody fragrance families, where its elegance and depth enhance the sophistication of the scent.

Natural or Synthetic?
The extraction process is lengthy and expensive, leading to the usage of synthetic substitutes that emulate the distinct powdery and woody notes of natural iris.

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