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Cedar is a term used to describe the scent derived from various types of cedar trees, it plays an important role in the creation of fragrances and is one of the most commonly used notes in fragrances. It is known for having a warm, woody and somewhat comforting aroma. Its a natural scent and is characterized by its woody smell with hints of spices and resins, it goes well with a variety of differney notes and accords, marking it a popular choice in perfume compositions.

Throughout history, cedar has been prized not only for its aromatic appeal but also for its preservative properties earning a place in various cultural aromatic traditions.

In the fragrance world it stands out for its grounding and calming effects, often forming the foundation of as a base note. The scent of cedar is often associated with an array of items, such as the familiar smell of pencil shavings or of cigar boxes, both historically made from cedar, highlighting the wood's unique and recognizable fragrance profile.

Natural or Synthetic?
Cedar is often used in its natural form, extracted from the wood of cedar trees through steam distillation. It provides a warm, woody, and slightly resinous aroma.

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