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Known for their distinctive sweet, vanilla-like scent with undertones of almond, clove and cinnamon, Tonka Beans are a popular ingredient in the fragrance industry. These beans have a long history of use across various cultures, primarily for their aromatic properties, and have been used in traditional medicines and rituals.

In modern perfumes, Tonka Beans are frequently used in oriental and gourmand fragrances. They contribute a warm, sweet note that gives the fragrance a touch of luxury. The beans work well with other sweet and spicy notes which makes them an exceptionally versatile ingredient.

Natural or Synthetic?
Natural Tonka Bean absolute is obtained through a process of soaking the beans and then subjecting them to solvent extraction, resulting in a fragrant oil with a sweet, warm scent. Synthetic versions, such as coumarin (a compound naturally present in Tonka Beans), are also used in perfumery. These synthetics are utilized either to enhance the natural aroma or as a cost-effective alternative

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