Pastel by Parfums Gres

For Women (2010)
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Pastel by Gres is a floral fragrance for women. The top notes are bergamot, mandarin orange, peach, green notes, and aldehydes. The heart notes are jasmine, rose, lily-of-the-valley, violet, and iris. The base notes are sandalwood, musk, vanilla, amber, and cedar. This fragrance is perfect for daytime wear.

Occasions to Wear

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Daytime, Spring, Casual, Relaxation & Comfort

Pastel offers a symphony of light, airy notes perfect for daytime wear, especially in the spring when the world awakens to freshness and new beginnings. The blend of bergamot, mandarin, and peach, complemented by green notes and aldehydes, creates an uplifting atmosphere that invigorates the senses. The floral heart with jasmine, rose, and violet adds a casual elegance, making it suitable for everyday occasions. The warm base of sandalwood, musk, vanilla, and amber provides a comforting finish, inviting moments of relaxation and ease.

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User Reviews for Pastel by Parfums Gres

Carol Baggett


I love this perfume. A friend it for me as a gift when she went to France back in 1997 and I've been wearing it ever since. But now it's hard to find. Please .. keep it on your shelves!!!!!!

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Pastel is a very relaxed fragrance. It is not sweet yet not faint. It is exactley in the middle. Wearing this would get a great response from others without the over-whealiming scent that other fragrances have. Could be worn as casual in the day and glamarous at night. It is just as the the name itself; Cool calm and as soft as "Pastel". What a wonderful fragrance.

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A lovely soft floral for summer time wear. Lighter than its sister Cabotine de Gres.

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i get compliments all the time!! i love it!!

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