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Mandarin is a popular citrus fruit used in perfumes for its sweet and vibrant scent. It is similar to orange but has a lighter and slightly more tangy aroma, similar to the difference in taste. In perfumes mandarin like most citruses is mostly used as a top note, meaning it's one of the first scents you smell when you apply the perfume. This initial burst of freshness makes the perfume feel lively and bright right from the start. Its cheerful and fruity scent blends well with other fragrant notes, adding a touch of sweetness that makes the fragrance more appealing.

Natural or Synthetic?
Mandarin is used both in its natural and synthetic forms in perfumery. Natural mandarin oil is extracted through cold pressing of the peel, providing a sweet, tangy, and fresh citrus aroma. Like many citruses, due to the cost and variability of natural oil synthetic versions like limonene are also used.

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