Orpheon by Diptyque

Unisex (2021)
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Orpheon by Diptyque is a warm and nostalgic fragrance that evokes the essence of a Parisian bar in the 60s. It starts with top notes of Juniper Berry and Jasmine, providing a fresh and floral introduction. Middle notes of Cedar and Tonka Bean introduce a woody and slightly sweet heart. The base notes of Musk and Powdery Notes offer a soft, comforting finish, making this fragrance ideal for those who appreciate a scent that blends the classic with the contemporary in a smooth, sophisticated manner.

Juniper Berry, Jasmine

Cedar, Tonka Bean

Musk, Powdery Notes

Occasions to Wear

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Casual, Spring, Evening

Orphéon by Diptyque is a nostalgic journey back to the vibrant Parisian nightlife, with juniper berry, jasmine, cedar, and tonka bean mingling to recreate the smoky, jazz-infused atmosphere of the iconic Orphéon bar. Musk and powdery notes add a soft, sensual layer, making it a versatile fragrance that transitions effortlessly from day to evening wear in spring, embodying the casual elegance and spirited charm of Paris.

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