Giorgio by Giorgio Beverly Hills

For Women (1981)
Giorgio Photo

"Giorgio" by Giorgio Beverly Hills, launched in 1981, is a fragrance that encapsulates the glamour and luxury of California's Beverly Hills. It opens with a lush and bright blend of orange blossom, peach, and apricot, infused with a hint of bergamot, creating a vibrant and inviting introduction. The heart unveils a rich floral bouquet of ylang-ylang, gardenia, jasmine, orchid, and rose, exuding elegance and femininity. The fragrance settles into a warm and sensual base of sandalwood, amber, patchouli, vanilla, and cedar, providing a sophisticated and lasting finish. This scent is a tribute to the chic and opulent lifestyle, perfect for the woman who embraces luxury and elegance in every aspect of her life.

Occasions to Wear

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Formal, Romantic

"Giorgio" is an ideal choice for formal events and romantic evenings where its luxurious and sophisticated floral profile enhances the atmosphere of elegance. Its rich and captivating essence also makes it suitable for special occasions, adding a touch of glamour and exclusivity. The fragrance's deep and lasting base notes ensure that it remains memorable, making it perfect for moments that call for a bold and confident statement.

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Product Size Price Merchant
EDT1.0 oz$16.95Perfumania
EDT1$21.99 ($15.39*)FragranceNet
EDT1 oz$22.37 ($19.01*)FragranceX
EDT Spray1 oz$23.99The Perfume Shop USA
EDT1.7 oz$24.41 ($20.75*)FragranceX
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EDT1.7 oz$28.52 ($22.82*)
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EDT Spray1.0 oz$29.99Fragrance Outlet
EDT3$30.99 ($21.69*)FragranceNet
EDT3 oz$31.54 ($26.81*)FragranceX
EDT Spray3 oz$31.99The Perfume Shop USA
EDT1.7 oz$35.99Perfumania
EDT3 oz$36.85 ($29.48*)
EDT3.0 oz$37.95Perfumania
EDT Spray1.7 oz$39.99Fragrance Outlet
EDT Spray3.0 oz$54.99Fragrance Outlet

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Body Wash6.8$12.99 ($9.09*)FragranceNet
EDT *Tester3$25.99 ($18.19*)FragranceNet
EDT & Body Lotion 1.6 oz3$63.99 ($44.79*)FragranceNet
EDT Mini (Unboxed)0.33$4.99 ($3.49*)FragranceNet
EDT (Tester)3 oz$26.45 ($22.48*)FragranceX
EDT (Tester)3 oz$30.91 ($24.73*)
EDT Rollerball (unboxed)0.33 oz$11.99 ($10.19*)FragranceX
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EDT Rollerball (unboxed).33 oz$19.99The Perfume Shop USA
EDT Spray (Tester)3 oz$26.99The Perfume Shop USA
Fragrance Mist8$15.99 ($11.19*)FragranceNet

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