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Patchouli is an essential oil that gives off a slightly sweet yet spicy aroma. Its intense scent is often likened to the aroma of wet soil. Patchouli has played a significant role in the history of perfumery, with its use dating back to the 19th century. During that period, it was used to mask the scent of merchandise during transportation and trade.

Perfumers first started using patchouli during the Second Empire- its dried leaves added value to shawls from Kashmir by imparting a pleasant scent and protecting them from mites during shipping.

Today, patchouli in perfume is mostly used as a base note, it provides depth to fragrances while making the scent last longer.

Natural or Synthetic?
Patchouli essential oil, extracted from Pogostemon cablin leaves via steam distillation, is prized for its rich, earthy, woody aroma with sweet and spicy undertones. It is widely used in perfumery for its unique scent and fixative properties. Synthetic versions, which replicate the scent more cost-effectively and provide consistent quality, are also used. These synthetics, either alone or combined with the natural oil, help achieve desired fragrance profiles while adhering to regulatory standards.

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