Patchouli Inferno by Vilhelm Parfumerie

Unisex (2024)
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Patchouli Inferno by Vilhelm Parfumerie is a profound expression of patchouli, offering an absolute beauty that showcases exciting patchouli with leathery accents. Oakmoss comes beneath it, followed by earthy cypriol, savory spices, and silky musk in the drydown, creating the most realistic impression of patchouli one can ever smell.

Occasions to Wear

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Evening, Autumn, Indulgence, Romantic, Adventurous

Patchouli Inferno by Vilhelm Parfumerie is a journey into the heart of the night, where Patchouli, Leather, and Moss create a mysterious and earthy allure. This scent is an ode to the enchanting whispers of the autumn evening, its complex layers unfolding under the moonlight. The middle notes of Cypriol Oil or Nagarmotha, Guaiac Wood, Bay Leaf, and Rosemary add a spicy, woody depth, perfect for indulging the senses on a romantic rendezvous or an adventurous escape. The base notes of Amber, Cashmere Wood, Musk, and Tonka Bean wrap the wearer in a warm, luxurious embrace, evoking the essence of passion and the thrill of the unknown. Patchouli Inferno stands as a bold statement of sophistication and daring, ideal for those moments that call for a deep, intoxicating fragrance that captivates and charms.

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