Charlie Gold by Revlon

For Women (1995)
Charlie Gold Photo

Charlie Gold by Revlon, released in 1995, offers a rich and inviting fragrance that combines fruity and woody elements with a spicy twist. The fragrance opens with a fusion of orange, apricot, and sandalwood, offering a warm and fruity introduction with a woody undertone. The middle notes weave together plum, freesia, and orchid, creating a deeply floral heart with a hint of fruity sweetness. The base is characterized by cinnamon, cedar, and musk, which provide a spicy, robust finish that adds depth and longevity. Charlie Gold is a classic fragrance that captures the spirit of sophistication and elegance, perfect for the woman who appreciates a scent that is both timeless and compelling.

Orange, Apricot, Sandalwood

Plum, Freesia, Orchid

Cinnamon, Cedar, Musk

Occasions to Wear

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Autumn, Evening, Indulgence

Charlie Gold is a sumptuous fragrance that blends the richness of autumn with the sophistication required for evening wear. The initial notes of orange and apricot provide a juicy, inviting entry, which transitions into a heart of plum and exotic orchid, evoking the lushness of fall. As the evening progresses, the warmth of cinnamon, combined with the grounding notes of cedar and musk, conveys a sense of indulgence and luxury. This fragrance is perfectly suited for special events where a bold and compelling aroma is desired to leave a memorable impression.

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