Fenty by Fenty

For Women (2023)
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Introducing Fenty Eau De Parfum—the new fragrance from Rihanna. Magnolia and musk unite with tangerine, blueberry and hints of Bulgarian rose absolute, geranium and patchouli, to create a unique blend that expresses itself uniquely on each wearer for a one-of-a-kind scent that is all heart and pure soul.

Tangerine, Blueberry

Bulgarian Rose Absolute, Geranium


Occasions to Wear

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Daytime, Summer, Casual

Fenty by Fenty brings a playful and vibrant touch that's perfectly suited for summer days. The juicy opening of Tangerine and Blueberry offers a burst of fruity freshness, setting a cheerful mood. The heart notes of Bulgarian Rose Absolute and Geranium add a floral sophistication, making it casual yet intriguing. The base note of Patchouli grounds the fragrance with a subtle earthiness, ideal for laid-back summer wear.

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EDP0.75ml / 0.025oz$7.99MicroPerfumes
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ParfumPrice from $39.00 to $140.00Sephora
EDP75 ml / 2.5oz$185.00MicroPerfumes

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