Eau de Minthe by Diptyque

Unisex (2019)
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Introduced in 2019, "Eau de Minthé" by Diptyque embarks on an aromatic journey through a garden enchanted with mint, inspired by the mythological tale of the nymph Minthé transformed into the mint plant. This unisex fragrance vivaciously opens with a vibrant note of mint, signifying an invigorating and crisp introduction. As it unfolds, the heart reveals a rich floral tapestry of rose and the spicy nuance of geranium, layering complexity and depth over the mint's cool effervescence. The composition gracefully concludes on a base of patchouli, lending an earthy and woody finish that beautifully anchors the mint's freshness. "Eau de Minthé" is a modern olfactory interpretation of mint, showcased in a multifaceted and captivating light, offering a refreshing and mysterious scent profile.


Rose, Geranium


Occasions to Wear

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Daytime, Spring, Summer, Casual, Relaxation & Comfort, Creative

Eau de Minthé's refreshing mint top note makes it an exemplary choice for daytime wear, particularly in the spring and summer months when the warmth of the sun calls for a fragrance that revitalizes and uplifts the spirit. The combination of mint with floral heart notes of rose and geranium introduces a green, aromatic quality that aligns with the rebirth and growth themes of spring, enhancing the wearer's connection to nature and the outdoors. This fragrance's casual elegance is underscored by its suitability for relaxed, informal settings where its clean, invigorating scent can be appreciated without overwhelming. The addition of patchouli in the base notes lends a subtle depth, ensuring the fragrance retains its complexity and makes it an excellent companion for moments of relaxation and comfort, where its refreshing character helps soothe the mind and refresh the senses. Furthermore, Eau de Minthé's unique composition sparks creativity, encouraging wearers to explore their imaginative boundaries and express their individuality through a scent that defies traditional fragrance norms.

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