Ck All by Calvin Klein

Unisex (2017)
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CK All, introduced by Calvin Klein in 2017, is a unisex fragrance that captures the essence of the modern individual. It embodies the spirit of millennials who are always on the go, striving towards their goals. This eau de toilette combines the natural freshness of mandarin with the delicate scents of citrus blossom and paradisone, and finishes with a warm blend of amber, lily, rhubarb, musk, and vetiver. CK All is a fragrance that leaves a memorable impression, perfect for those who love to feel fresh and invigorated.


Orange Blossom, Paradisone

Amber, Lily, Rhubarb, Musk, Vetiver

Occasions to Wear

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Daytime,Casual,Spring,Summer,Travel & Vacation

Ck All by Calvin Klein for Unisex is a clean and refreshing fragrance that embodies the spirit of inclusivity and versatility. The singular top note of mandarin bursts with a citrusy freshness that is both invigorating and welcoming, making it a perfect choice for daytime wear. The heart of citrus blossom and paradisone enhances the fragrance with a bright and airy feel, ideal for the warmer months of spring and summer. The base notes of amber, lily, rhubarb, musk, and vetiver offer a comforting finish, making Ck All a great companion for casual occasions and travel adventures. Its unisex appeal and the ability to adapt to the wearer's individuality make it a unique fragrance that encourages self-expression and connectivity, reflecting Calvin Klein's ethos of celebrating diversity and freedom.

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EDT Spray3.4 oz$31.99The Perfume Shop USA
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EDT3.4 oz$41.62 ($33.30*)
EDT3.4 oz$44.95Perfumania
EDT Spray100ml/3.4oz$45.50Strawberrynet
EDT6.7 oz$48.84 ($41.51*)FragranceX
EDT Spray3.4 oz$54.99Fragrance Outlet
EDT Spray200ml/6.7oz$55.50Strawberrynet
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