CK One by Calvin Klein

Unisex (1994)
CK One Photo

CK One by Calvin Klein is a revolutionary fragrance that is designed for both men and women to share. It is clean, contemporary, and features a refreshing green tea signature throughout.

Occasions to Wear

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Daytime, Casual, Spring, Summer

CK One by Calvin Klein is a quintessential fragrance that epitomizes the freshness and vibrancy of spring and summer days. Its harmonious blend of pineapple, green notes, and citrus fruits at the top, combined with a heart of nutmeg, violet, and florals, captures the essence of youth and freedom. The warm, earthy base of amber, musk, and woods adds depth, making it a versatile scent perfect for casual daytime wear, evoking a sense of effortless cool and inclusivity.

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Eau De Toilette

Product Size Price Merchant
EDT0.75ml / 0.025oz$2.99MicroPerfumes
EDT5ml / 0.17oz$12.97MicroPerfumes
Eau De Toilette0.5 oz$14.23 ($12.10*)FragranceX
EDT.5 oz$20.99The Perfume Shop USA
EDT1.7 oz$24.95Perfumania
EDT Spray100ml/3.4oz$33.50Strawberrynet
EDT Spray3.4 oz$34.99The Perfume Shop USA
EDT3.4 oz$38.65 ($32.85*)FragranceX
EDT Spray6.6 oz$41.99The Perfume Shop USA
EDT3.4 oz$49.95Perfumania
EDT Spray200ml/6.7oz$50.00Strawberrynet
EDT Spray1.7 oz$53.99Fragrance Outlet
EDT6.6 oz$54.94 ($46.70*)FragranceX
EDT6.7 oz$61.95Perfumania
EDT Spray3.4 oz$64.99Fragrance Outlet
EDT100 ml / 3.3oz$68.00MicroPerfumes
EDT10 oz$76.28 ($64.84*)FragranceX
EDT Spray6.7 oz$79.99Fragrance Outlet

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Product Size Price Merchant
Body Lotion/ Skin Moisturizer8.5 oz$30.99The Perfume Shop USA
Body Lotion/ Skin Moisturizer8.5 oz$35.60 ($30.26*)FragranceX
Body Spray5.2 oz$26.99The Perfume Shop USA
Body Spray5.4 oz$28.48 ($24.21*)FragranceX
Deodorant2.6 oz$17.95Perfumania
Deodorant2.6 oz$18.99Fragrance Outlet
Deodorant Stick2.6 oz$17.94 ($15.25*)FragranceX
Deodorant Stick2.6 oz$23.99The Perfume Shop USA
Eau De Toilette Pour / Spray1.7 oz$29.52 ($25.09*)FragranceX
Gift Set6.7 oz$68.95Perfumania
Travel EDT (Unboxed)0.68 oz$21.54 ($18.31*)FragranceX
Travel EDT Spray (Unisex Unboxed).68 oz$26.99The Perfume Shop USA

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