Eternity Aromatic Essence by Calvin Klein

For Women (2024)
Eternity Aromatic Essence Photo

Eternity Aromatic Essence by Calvin Klein is a Floral fragrance for women launched in 2024. It presents a sensual contrast of fresh and aromatic flowers with a gourmand base, adding a captivating vision to the iconic original fragrance. The scent opens with a vibrant mix of black currant, coconut water, and peony, leading to a heart centered around a silky coconut water accord, complemented by aquatic notes for added vitality. Lavender flowers and a creamy sandalwood accord wrap the fragrance in an astonishingly seductive finish. Modern and irresistible, it invites you to experience the essence of Eternity, encapsulated in a lacquered turquoise green glass bottle that exudes sensuality while retaining the shape and silver cap of the original Eternity fragrances.

Black Currant, Coconut Water, Peony

Lavender, Sandalwood


Occasions to Wear

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Casual, Romantic, Relaxation & Comfort, Daytime, Spring

Eternity Aromatic Essence, with its harmonious blend of Black Currant, Coconut Water, and Peony at the top, introduces a refreshing and light aura that is perfectly suited for casual, everyday wear. The presence of Lavender and Sandal in the middle notes adds a layer of tranquility and comfort, making this fragrance an ideal choice for moments of relaxation and unwinding. Its suitability for daytime use is underscored by the gentle, uplifting presence of floral and fruity notes, which seamlessly transition into the warmth and depth provided by Musk at its base. This fragrance embodies the essence of spring, as it mirrors the season's natural rebirth and blossoming with its floral and subtly sweet profile, making it an excellent choice for romantic occasions as well. The seamless blend of aromatic freshness with a comforting base creates a versatile scent profile that complements a wide range of moments and moods, from serene mornings to intimate evenings.

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