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Lavender is a favorite in the perfume world, it is regarded by many as a calming scent that many find soothing and relaxing. This herb has been a staple in fragrances for hundreds of years. Back in ancient Rome and Greece, people used lavender for its fresh, appealing aroma, using it to scent their baths or to freshen up laundry.

Today lavender often appears as a middle note in many perfumes, where it lends a stable, aromatic quality. It is a versatile fragrance that mixes well with different ingredients, while enhancing the depth and complexity of the scent.

Natural or Synthetic?
Lavender is used in both natural and synthetic forms in perfumery. The natural essential oil of lavender is obtained primarily through steam distillation of the flowering tops of the plant. This method yields a rich, floral, and herbal scent that is highly valued for its soothing and aromatic qualities. Synthetic lavender, often used to reduce costs is referred to as linalool or linalyl acetate. These synthetic compounds are produced through chemical synthesis, often from natural precursors like terpenes and aim to replicate the characteristic scent of lavender.

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