Notorious Oud by D.S. & Durga

Unisex (2019)
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Notorious Oud by D.S. & Durga, introduced in 2019, blends the exotic richness of oud with the freshness of saffron and camphor, leading into a heart of Bulgarian rose and lavender, creating a luxurious and complex fragrance. The base notes of papyrus, cetalox, and civet add depth and warmth, offering a sophisticated and memorable scent.

Saffron, Camphor, Galbanum

Oud, Bulgarian Rose, Lavender

Papyrus, Ambrox, Civet

Occasions to Wear

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Evening, Winter, Formal, Romantic, Indulgence, Adventurous

Notorious Oud by D.S. & Durga, with its opulent top notes of Saffron, Camphor, and Galbanum, is suited for Evening wear, particularly in Winter. The luxurious combination of Oud, Bulgarian Rose, and Lavender in the middle notes offers a Romantic and Formal allure, marked by moments of Indulgence. The base of Papyrus, Cetalox, and Civet adds a layer of mystery and depth, appealing to those with an Adventurous spirit, desiring a fragrance that stands out with elegance and complexity.

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