Bowmakers by D.S. & Durga

Unisex (2012)
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Launched in 2012, Bowmakers by DS & Durga captures the essence of a traditional violin workshop. It belongs to the Woody Aromatic family, offering a unique and evocative scent experience. The top notes open with a surprising blend of violin varnish, mahogany, and a fresh air accord. The heart reveals a warm and resinous combination of amber pine rosin, maple wood, and cypress, reminiscent of the materials used in crafting violins. The base settles into a woody and earthy finish with spiced tree resin, cedar, and moss, evoking the workshop's atmosphere.

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Autumn, Winter, Creative, Relaxation & Comfort, Adventurous

Bowmakers by DS & Durga embodies the essence of a craftsman's workshop, with its intricate blend of woody and resinous notes. The top notes of Violin Varnish and Mahogany, combined with an Air Accord, introduce a sense of antiquity and craftsmanship, evoking the meticulous process of creating stringed instruments. This unique beginning sets the stage for a fragrance that is deeply rooted in tradition and artistry.

The heart notes of Amber Pine Rosin, Maplewood, and Cypress further deepen the connection to nature and the outdoors, perfect for the introspective seasons of Autumn and Winter. These notes bring to mind the dense forests and the crisp, cool air that accompanies the changing leaves and the first snows, offering a comforting warmth during the colder months.

The base notes of Spiced Tree Resin, Cedar, and Moss conclude the fragrance with a grounding finish, reminiscent of a forest floor covered in moss and fallen leaves. This foundation adds a layer of complexity and depth, making the fragrance suitable for moments of Relaxation & Comfort, where its soothing qualities can be fully appreciated.

Bowmakers also speaks to the Adventurous spirit and the Creative soul, appealing to those who appreciate the beauty of craftsmanship and the stories behind artistic creation. Its unique profile encourages exploration and innovation, making it a scent for those who seek to inspire and be inspired.

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