Signature Naturelle by Chloe

For Women (2020)
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Signature Naturelle by Chloe for Women is a fresh and elegant fragrance that combines clean, natural scents with a sophisticated finish. It starts with top notes of Citrus and Black Currant, providing a vibrant and refreshing opening. Middle notes of Mimosa and Rose add a soft and delicate floral touch, contributing to its refined and graceful heart. The base of Cedar and Sandalwood lends a warm, woody finish, grounding the fragrance with a classic and enduring presence, ideal for women who value simplicity and natural beauty.

Citrus, Black Currant

Mimosa, Rose

Cedar, Sandalwood

Occasions to Wear

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Spring, Daytime, Casual

Signature Naturelle by ChloƩ is a light and refreshing fragrance, making it perfectly suited for spring days. The opening notes of citrus and black currant offer a crisp, energizing start, while the heart of mimosa and rose adds a soft, floral touch, ideal for daytime wear. The base of cedar and sandalwood grounds the fragrance with a subtle warmth, reflecting a casual elegance that ChloƩ is known for.

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