Rose Tangerine by Chloe

For Women (2020)
Rose Tangerine Photo

Chloé Rose Tangerine is a bright and joyful fragrance that encapsulates the free-spirited elegance of the Chloé woman. The scent begins with a lively burst of tangerine, black currant, and green notes, portraying a sense of youthful exuberance. The heart is dedicated to a singular note of rose, symbolizing the simplicity and grace of modern femininity. The base with cedar and white amber adds a subtle yet enduring warmth. This perfume is a celebration of spontaneity and individuality, ideal for the woman who embraces her uniqueness with confidence and lightness.

Tangerine, Black Currant, Green Notes


Cedar, White Amber

Occasions to Wear

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Daytime, Spring, Casual

Chloé Rose Tangerine embodies the freshness of spring with its lively opening of tangerine and black currant, complemented by green notes that evoke the sensation of a sunny day. The rose heart is simple yet profoundly elegant, making it versatile for casual, everyday wear. The base of cedar and white amber adds a subtle warmth and sophistication, ensuring the fragrance remains light and uplifting throughout the day.

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