Love Story by Louis Feraud

For Women (1997)
Love Story Photo

Love Story by Louis Feraud is a floral fragrance for women that was launched in 1997. It has top notes of hyacinth, violet leaves, iris, and heady honeysuckle. The middle notes are caramel and sandalwood. The base notes are caramel and sandalwood. This fragrance is perfect for the modern woman who wants to feel confident and elegant.

Hyacinth, Violet Leaf, Iris, Honeysuckle

Caramel, Sandalwood

Caramel, Sandalwood

Occasions to Wear

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Romantic, Casual, Daytime

This fragrance weaves a tale of love and tenderness with its floral heart of hyacinth, violet leaf, and iris, softly wrapped in the sweet embrace of caramel and sandalwood. It's a scent that captures the essence of daylight romance and casual elegance, making it a perfect companion for those moments that call for a touch of sweetness and warmth.

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This fragrance is amazing the scent is queen. Lovely always complemented. I love this fragrance.

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