La Belle by Jean Paul Gaultier

For Women (2019)
La Belle Photo

La Belle by Jean Paul Gaultier is a captivating fragrance that embodies femininity and allure. It opens with a sweet and juicy note of pear, creating an instantly refreshing and inviting aura. The heart features an earthy touch of vetiver that adds depth and sophistication, contrasting beautifully with the playful top note. The warm and cozy vanilla at the base envelops the wearer in a smooth and enticing scent, perfect for a woman who embraces her beauty and exudes confidence effortlessly.




Occasions to Wear

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Spring, Summer, Daytime, Romantic, Indulgence

La Belle by Jean Paul Gaultier embodies the freshness of spring and summer with its single note of pear at the forefront, creating a crisp and inviting scent that shines during the daytime. The simplicity of vetiver adds a slightly earthy touch, making it versatile for daily wear while vanilla enriches the base, offering a sweet allure that makes this fragrance ideal for romantic encounters and special moments of indulgence. Its luxurious and vivid aroma ensures it stands out, offering a signature scent that’s both memorable and enchanting.

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