Grain De Folie by Parfums Gres

For Women (1979)
Grain De Folie Photo

Grain De Folie by Parfums Gres for Women is a vivid, playful fragrance that begins with a sparkling overture of Bergamot, Black Currant, and Pink Pepper. This combination ushers in an effervescent and slightly spicy introduction that sets the stage for a blossoming heart of Peony, Jasmine, and Rose. These floral notes intermingle, creating a captivating, lush garden in full bloom. The base notes of Amber, Vanilla, and Vetiver anchor the fragrance with a warm, earthy, and slightly sweet finish, evoking the feeling of a whimsical, sunny day spent in a serene, hidden meadow.

Bergamot, Black Currant, Pink Pepper

Peony, Jasmine, Rose

Amber, Vanilla, Vetiver

Occasions to Wear

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Spring, Romantic, Daytime

Grain De Folie offers a fresh start to spring days with its light and airy composition of bergamot and pink pepper, softened by the romantic bloom of peony, jasmine, and rose. The warm base of amber and vanilla hints at the promise of spring's warmth, making it a perfect daytime companion.

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