Eternity Moment by Calvin Klein

For Women (2004)
Eternity Moment Photo

Eternity Moment is a fresh-squeezed floral fragrance that captures the thrill and excitement of romance. Lush and enveloping, it reflects the essence of eternal love and intimate moments full of joy.

Occasions to Wear

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Daytime, Spring, Romantic, Casual

Eternity Moment captures the essence of spring with its delightful blend of lychee, guava, and pomegranate at the top, moving through a heart of Chinese pink peony, passion flower, and nymphaea (water lily), to a soft base of musk, raspberry, and cashmere. This composition makes it an excellent choice for daytime wear, providing a fresh and uplifting scent that is both light and enchanting. The floral and fruity notes evoke the rejuvenating spirit of spring, making it particularly suited for romantic occasions due to its sweet and captivating aroma. Additionally, its versatility and lightness make it suitable for casual everyday wear, embodying the essence of ease and freshness.

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Eau De Parfum

Product Size Price Merchant
EDP1 oz$23.94 ($20.35*)FragranceX
EDP Spray1 oz$29.99The Perfume Shop USA
EDP Spray30ml/1oz$30.50Strawberrynet
EDP1 oz$30.78 ($24.62*)
Parfum1.7$34.99 ($24.49*)FragranceNet
EDP1.7 oz$35.60 ($30.26*)FragranceX
EDP Spray50ml/1.7oz$38.00Strawberrynet
EDP Spray3.4 oz$38.99The Perfume Shop USA
EDP1.7 oz$41.62 ($33.30*)
Parfum3.4$45.99 ($32.19*)FragranceNet
EDP3.4 oz$46.80 ($39.78*)FragranceX
EDP Spray3.4 oz$46.95Fragrance Outlet
EDP Spray3.4 oz$46.95Perfumania
EDP3.4 oz$54.70 ($43.76*)

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