Beauty by Calvin Klein

For Women (2010)
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Launched in October 2010, Beauty by Calvin Klein captures the essence of mature women, symbolizing timeless beauty, self-esteem, and sophistication. This fragrance stands apart with its seductive touch, characterized by ambrette seed at the top, jasmine in the heart, and a warm base of Virginia cedar. It's a warm, sensuous, and seductive aroma designed to embody the inherent beauty and grace of Calvin Klein's vision for women.



Virginia Cedarwood

Occasions to Wear

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Daytime,Business & Professional,Formal,Spring

Beauty by Calvin Klein for Women is a sophisticated and elegant fragrance that pairs well with the professional environment and formal occasions. The subtle allure of ambrette in the top notes, combined with a heart of jasmine and a base of Virginia cedar, creates a scent that is both refined and captivating. Ideal for daytime wear, especially in the spring when its floral character can shine, Beauty enhances a sense of confidence and poise. The fragrance's understated elegance makes it a perfect match for business meetings and formal events, where its clean and polished scent underscores the wearer's sophistication. Beauty by Calvin Klein speaks to the grace and strength of femininity, offering a fragrance that complements the modern woman's wardrobe with its timeless appeal and refined presence.

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