CK One Summer 2020 by Calvin Klein

Unisex (2020)
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CK One Summer 2020 by Calvin Klein captures the essence of summer with its bright and refreshing aroma. This unisex fragrance opens with a vibrant burst of ginger and sage, offering a spicy yet invigorating start. Middle notes of eucalyptus and aquatic nuances suggest a cooling, refreshing dip in a serene pool. The base of sandalwood and amber provides a warm, inviting foundation that lingers, making it ideal for both day wear and relaxed summer evenings. It is a perfect blend that brings a touch of summer zest and freshness to everyday life.

Ginger, Sage

Eucalyptus, Water Notes

Sandalwood, Amber

Occasions to Wear

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Summer, Casual, Daytime

CK One Summer 2020 by Calvin Klein encapsulates the quintessential summer vibe with a vibrant mix of ginger and sage at its heart, evoking the warmth and brightness of sunny days. The addition of eucalyptus and water notes introduces a refreshing aquatic twist, perfect for daytime adventures. The warm base of sandalwood and amber ensures a lasting impression, making this fragrance a casual yet distinctive choice for anyone looking to embody the spirit of summer with a fresh and uplifting scent.

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