Nomade by Chloe

For Women (2018)
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Crafted by Quentin Bisch, Nomade by Chloe is a fragrance that captures the essence of freedom and adventure. It opens with the lightness of Freesia, transitions into a heart of Mirabelle, and settles into a base of Oakmoss. Described as a symbol of purity and nature, Nomade embodies the carefree composure of a woman who carries the spirit of youth and adventure within. It's a scent for the woman who is unbound, spirited, and true to her soul.


Mirabelle Plum


Occasions to Wear

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Spring,Daytime,Casual,Travel & Vacation,Relaxation & Comfort

Nomade by Chloe is a fragrance that encapsulates the spirit of adventure and the freshness of spring. The light and airy scent of freesia, combined with the sweet touch of Mirabelle and the earthy base of oakmoss, makes it perfect for daytime wear. It's a scent that speaks to the casual elegance and the ease of an effortless style, making it ideal for everyday use. The floral and earthy notes bring about a sense of relaxation and comfort, evoking images of a serene escape into nature. This fragrance is also the perfect companion for travel and vacation, offering a scent that is both invigorating and soothing, encouraging explorers to embrace new experiences with a sense of tranquility.

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Eau De Toilette

Product Size Price Merchant
EDT Spray50ml/1.7oz$82.50Strawberrynet
EDT1.7$93.99 ($65.79*)FragranceNet
EDT2.5$114.99 ($80.49*)FragranceNet
EDT Spray75ml/2.5oz$117.50Strawberrynet

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ParfumPrice from $39.00 to $162.00Sephora
EDP Spray1.7 oz$62.99The Perfume Shop USA
EDP Spray30ml/1oz$65.00Strawberrynet
EDP2.5 oz$76.00LaBelle Perfumes
EDP1.7 oz$89.95Perfumania
EDP Spray50ml/1.7oz$93.50Strawberrynet
Parfum1.7$99.99 ($69.99*)FragranceNet
EDP1.7 oz$101.76 ($86.50*)FragranceX
EDP2.5 oz$108.95Perfumania
EDP Spray75ml/2.5oz$113.00Strawberrynet
EDP1.7 oz$118.93 ($95.14*)
EDP Spray1.7 oz$118.99Fragrance Outlet
Parfum2.5$124.99 ($87.49*)FragranceNet
EDP Spray2.5 oz$142.99Fragrance Outlet

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Deodorant Spray3.4 oz$39.99The Perfume Shop USA
Gift Set2.5 oz$97.95Perfumania
Parfum (Travel Spray)0.27$27.99 ($19.59*)FragranceNet
Parfum *Tester2.5$111.99 ($78.39*)FragranceNet
Parfum & Body Lotion 3.3 oz1.7$122.99 ($86.09*)FragranceNet
Parfum & Body Lotion 3.4 oz & Parfum 0.17 oz Mini2.5$149.99 ($104.99*)FragranceNet
Parfum & Parfum 0.67 oz2.5$135.99 ($95.19*)FragranceNet
Parfum Mini0.17$18.99 ($13.29*)FragranceNet

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