Ciao by Vince Camuto

For Women (2016)
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Ciao by Vince Camuto for Women, released in 2016, radiates romance and confidence. The perfume opens with a delightful mix of wild strawberry, blackberry, and Italian mandarin, creating a juicy and enticing start that sparks curiosity. The heart unfolds into a floral symphony of pink jasmine, rose, and passionflower, painting a lush and vivid portrait of feminine allure. The base combines warm amber, soft cashmere wood, and creamy vanilla to provide a comforting yet sophisticated finish that lingers and captivates. Ciao is designed for the charismatic woman who greets the world with a smile and leaves a lasting impression of elegance and warmth.

Occasions to Wear

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Evening, Romantic, Indulgence, Relaxation & Comfort

Ciao captures the essence of evening wear through its rich and indulgent composition. The seductive mix of wild strawberry and blackberry offers a sweet, fruity opening that transitions smoothly into the night when deeper notes take precedence. The heart notes of pink jasmine, rose, and passionflower suggest a floral, romantic mood, ideal for intimate gatherings or dates where one wishes to leave a memorable impression. As a scent for indulgence, Ciao embodies luxury and sophistication with its base notes of vanilla and amber, providing a warm, comforting finish that encourages relaxation and comfort. This gourmand quality makes it not only a pleasure to wear but also a scent that envelops the wearer in a cocoon of sensuous textures perfect for unwinding after a long day or during a tranquil night in.

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