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About Anna Sui

Anna Sui is an American fashion designer known for her eponymous brand, launched in 1981. With a strong foundation in New York City's fashion scene, Sui's collections are distinguished by their blend of vintage styles, cultural eclecticism, and a rock-n-roll edge, making her designs popular among young people and celebrities alike. Her fashion line quickly expanded to include cosmetics, accessories, and fragrances, further solidifying her status in the fashion and beauty industries.

Anna Sui's first fragrance, launched in 1999, encapsulated the designer's whimsical and bohemian aesthetic, featuring a blend of floral and fruity notes that appealed to a youthful, fashion-forward audience. Her fragrances, like her fashion collections, are known for their unique, creatively designed bottles and eclectic, adventurous scents. Sui's fragrances often draw inspiration from her love of rock music, art, and cultural motifs, offering a distinctive, eclectic mix that reflects her personal style and design philosophy.

Based in the United States, Anna Sui has garnered a global following, with her fragrances being particularly popular in Asia. The brand's reputation is built on its distinctive aesthetic, blending retro influences with modern flair, and its ability to capture the imagination with bold, original scents.

Anna Sui Fragrances

Sui Love by Anna Sui for Women

Sui Love for Women

Released 2004
Love by Anna Sui is a sweet and playful fragrance that captures the essence of youthful romance. It opens with...

Anna Sui by Anna Sui for Women

Anna Sui for Women

Released 1999
Anna Sui by Anna Sui is an aromatic journey through a vibrant garden, filled with lush fruits and exquisite florals....