Anais Anais L'original by Cacharel

For Women (2014)
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Anais Anais L'original by Cacharel, re-released in 2014, encapsulates the essence of a modern woman wrapped in a fragrance inspired by classic floral scents. The fragrance starts with fresh and crisp notes of tangerine, bergamot, and nectarine, offering a refreshing opening. The heart features a charming bouquet of magnolia, sweet pea, and apricot blossom, providing a soft, floral core that's both youthful and joyous. The scent concludes with a comforting base of musk, ambroxan, and subtle woody notes, crafting a smooth, clean finish that lingers and captivates.

Occasions to Wear

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Casual,Spring,Relaxation & Comfort

Anais Anais L'original is a timeless floral fragrance that brings a sense of calm and purity. The combination of tangerine, bergamot, and nectarine provides a soft, citrusy opening that is refreshing and inviting. The floral heart with magnolia, sweet pea, and apricot blossom blooms into a beautiful bouquet that is both comforting and sophisticated. The base notes of musk, ambroxan, and woody elements lend a subtle warmth that enhances the overall fragrance, making it suitable for casual wear and perfect for spring days. This fragrance is also excellent for relaxation, offering a delicate and soothing aroma that can help unwind and rejuvenate.

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EDT (unboxed)3.4 oz$47.95 ($38.36*)
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