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About Paul Smith

British designer Paul Smith brought his signature style of classic with a twist to the fragrance industry with the launch of "Paul Smith for Men" in 2000. Known for his contribution to fashion, Smith's foray into perfumes has been marked by the same ethos of elegance and eccentricity. The fragrances, both for men and women, are designed to complement the brand's fashion line, offering fresh, modern scents with unexpected notes that surprise and delight. Paul Smith's perfumes are appreciated for their understated sophistication, embodying the British designer's knack for blending traditional style with contemporary details.

The brand has garnered a reputation for creating fragrances that are both accessible and distinctive, reflecting Smith's playful approach to design. Each scent in the collection tells a different story, drawing inspiration from Smith's travels, love for art, and keen observation of everyday life. This personal touch has endeared the brand to consumers looking for perfumes that are not just fragrances but expressions of individuality and creativity.

Paul Smith Fragrances

Paul Smith by Paul Smith for Women
Paul Smith by Paul Smith for Women is a subtle yet distinctly feminine fragrance that blends zesty citrus with delicate...

Paul Smith by Paul Smith for Men

Paul Smith for Men

Released 2000
Paul Smith by Paul Smith for Men is an elegant and refined fragrance that marries classic aromatic notes with a...