Candy Kiss by Prada

For Women (2016)
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Candy Kiss by Prada for Women, launched in 2016, explores the indulgent and addictive qualities of the Candy collection in a more intimate and enveloping composition. The fragrance commences with subtle notes of bergamot and musk mallow, creating a whisper of soft floral and citrus that invites closer engagement. The heart features lily-of-the-valley, providing a clean, sweet floralcy that is both delicate and alluring. The base of musk and vanilla adds a comforting creamy layer, reinforcing the sensual and addictive nature of the fragrance. Candy Kiss is a personal and intimate expression, designed for the woman who desires a signature scent that is both subtle and seductive.

Bergamot, Musk Mallow

Lily of the Valley

Musk, Vanilla

Occasions to Wear

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Floral, Musky, Vanilla

Candy Kiss exhibits a delicate blend of floral and musky notes with a comforting vanilla base that makes it a versatile fragrance suitable for both casual and romantic settings. The presence of Lily-of-the-Valley enriches it with a floral tone that is perfect for the spring season. Its soft, musky and vanilla notes are ideal for relaxation and comfort, providing a calming olfactory experience. The fragrance's elegance also makes it suitable for evening wear, as it can complement a sophisticated look without overwhelming the senses.

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