Floral by Jimmy Choo

For Women (2019)
Floral Photo

Floral by Jimmy Choo for Women, launched in 2019, is a delicate and sophisticated fragrance that encapsulates the essence of a blooming floral garden. It opens with juicy and vibrant notes of bergamot and nectarine. The heart is a lush bouquet of magnolia, sweet pea, and apricot blossom, offering a naturally romantic and floral core. The base of ambroxan and musk rounds out the scent with a subtle warmth.

Bergamot, Nectarine

Magnolia, Sweet Pea, Apricot Blossom

Ambroxan, Musk

Occasions to Wear

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Floral by Jimmy Choo is a delicate and enchanting fragrance that beautifully encapsulates the essence of spring with its floral and citrus symphony. The opening notes of bergamot and nectarine offer a fresh and zesty introduction, while the heart featuring magnolia, sweet pea, and apricot blossom blooms with a soft and appealing aroma. The base notes of ambroxan and musk lend a subtle warmth and sensuality, making this fragrance ideal for romantic occasions or everyday wear in the spring. Its light and airy nature is perfect for daytime, offering a scent that is both uplifting and comforting.

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